Basis for Contemporary Art

Basis for Contemporary Art is a platform founded by Mary Mikaelyan and Momik Vardanyan in 2015. Basis for Contemporary Art is a collaborative basis for different projects engaging with production, networks, systems and economies, using archive and representation as mediums.


13 Hrachya Kochar Str., Studio 20
0012, Yerevan, Armenia



Studio 20

Studio 20 is a collaborative and informal art space for gatherings, discussions,
reflection, information exchange and production.
Engaging with the domains of public and private, Studio 20 acts in between these
spheres and periodically works with artists and curators, organizing exhibitions,
performances, lectures and discussions on social, cultural and political issues.

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Video Art Archive

Video Art Archive has been created with the aim to readdress the content presented through the moving images and to foster conversations based on that content. First of all it is a physical and online storage of video art and performances, then an opportunity to question the ways moving images produce paths of thinking.

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Screenings and Conversations 

Video Art Archive’s program “Screenings and Conversations” aims to question in the context of contemporary art how the moving image produces ways of thinking and to foster the creation of the critical discourse on moving image. The aim of the program is to readdress the content to which the artists working in Armenia in recent 25 years have referred in their art practices.


May 26 - Diana Hakobyan. The leap as the extreme movement
May 19 - Hovhannes Margaryan. New Political Art  
May 12 - Harout Simonyan. Body in Movement

Art Schema

ArtSchema is a tool for creating websites with structured data and easy management of those websites. ArtSchema has developed a control management system (CMS) that makes the process of creating a website easy and less time consuming.

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Art Data Bank

Art Data Bank is a platform that helps to arrange the ever growing number of exhibitions, events and biennales in an easy manageable way. It is a mapping process of art data that gives precedence to the open-ended structure and the navigation through adjustable data fields.

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exhibition's public program

Mar 30, 2016 - The politicization of art against the aestheticization of politics
Mar 23, 2016 - Foul language, demonstration of threat of violence or political correctness: around the relevance of the participation forms of civil protest
Mar 16, 2016 - Multitudes / collective artwork
Mar 9, 2016 - Media traps or the demonstrativeness: voluntary-compulsory